Conference Areas

We have identified 14 general research areas relevant to the technology community of the country.

  1. Mechatronics Design.
  2. Embedded systems (E.S) design.
  3. Robotics, automations and intelligent systems.
  4. Biomechatronics.
  5. Control systems design and optimal control.
  6. Intelligent energy management.
  7. Formal methods, computational logic and theory of computation.
  8. Software Engineering.
  9. Architecture and Information Systems.
  10. Human - computer interaction (HCI).
  11. Cloud Computing (CC).
  12. Big Data and Predictive Applications (BD).
  13. Educational informatics.
  14. High Performance and Parallel Computing.
  15. Information security.

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Important dates
Date Event
2 Sep Paper submission
2 Oct Acceptance notification
15 Oct Final version
22 Oct Authors' payment
14 - 16 Nov Conference
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